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It whispers in my ear.
It rustles through the grass.
It brushes at my skirt
in such a rush to pass.

Jehovah rose from ancient past
and on forever a shadow cast.
A shadow known to common man
as Father Time. Thus time began.

Carburetor, steering wheel,
Radiator, tires,
Brakes, transmission, battery,
Fuses, lights, and wires,

Red is living. Hot and bright.
Daring. Wake, and challenge to

A flash of blue: the night is bright.
A sizzling streak, or welder's light.
A power source has thrown a dart
to split the skies above apart.

Lullaby, lullaby, little baby,
Wind rustles leaves on the willow tree.
Chase away thoughts of a scary bear,
Safe in my arms in the rocking chair.

Sometimes I wish
I were a fish.
No hair to wash or food to dish.
Just make my little tail go swish.

If I am the one
with the breath known to reek;
If I have a stutter
whenever I speak;

So many people
in so many places
reading expressions
on so many faces...

Crying on a broken chair.
Dying without proper care.
Buying rags for underwear.
Lying just to get a share.


Single digits;
we're complaining
bout the cold and bout the snow.
Triple digits;

The roof needs insulation.
The attic needs a floor.
There's only one hinge holding
the door frame to the door.

There once was a Christmas poinsettia
who had a most vicious vendetta.
Its plant friends were dead
so it dropped on the head

If you want to be happy,
just start where you are,
shut your eyes. Take a breath.
Make a wish on a star.

Twas in the year of 1812, in February's cold;
Jock Edwards played the part of man at just 14 years old
Four settlers in the state of Main left Jock the camp to fend;
when after logging wood for ships, went home, their farms to tend.

God made a world of beauty bright,
and nature full of color.
Outstanding trees of awesome hight,
and mountains standing taller,

Cool dewy grass 'neath bare feet in the morn'.
Over our heads shines the sun bright and warm.
Under a shade tree: we welcome the break.
Nothing can beat a quick dip in the lake.

I was blinging along
on one blowy brin day,
when a miblin jumped up
and constrounded my way.

I have a small sister whose hair is bright red;
but my hair is all brownish-blondish instead
My brother's got handsome black curls for his crown;
and Grandma's hair's white, though it used to be brown.

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The Monster

It whispers in my ear.
It rustles through the grass.
It brushes at my skirt
in such a rush to pass.
The leaves look up in fear.
It bends and breaks the trees.
And everything around
within its presence flees.
Its fury rises high.
It rips the roof apart.
It claws the boards from barns
and flips the silage cart.
It kicks the buckets far,
in anger slams the doors.
It throws the hay in eyes
while I am doing chores.
It grabs and steals the mail,
forever gone and lost.
I hurry back inside.
It isn't worth the cost.
It beats upon the walls.
It shrieks through all the holes.
It flattens all the plants,
and tears the lines from poles.
It howls around the house
and rattles at the glass.
It seemed so gentle when
it played amid the grass.
A deadly spinning tail.
A man defying roar.
It vomits killer waves
that crash upon the shore.
It's unpredictable
and so undisciplined.
It races ‘round the world:
The ever changing Wind!

Loretta Shively

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