And So God Made A Farmer Poem by Loretta Shively

And So God Made A Farmer

God made a world of beauty bright,
and nature full of color.
Outstanding trees of awesome hight,
and mountains standing taller,
the incense of the sweetest flower
the tiny wings of bees,
the marvel of the birdsong choir,
the mighty rolling seas.
God made a paradise on earth;
a match to heaven's splendor.
Then he looked down to crown its worth,
and said, 'I need a tender.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone special though,
to wake before the morning,
and milk the cows and feed and mow.
then finish the dehorning
Go work all day out in the sun;
out in the fields of hay;
and when the evening milking's done,
he still won't quit the day.
But after supper, go to town,
and stay till after midnight.
At meetings, copy figures down
in columns black and white.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone strong enough
to wrestle cows and horses,
and overcome the power of
the pigs united forces.
But someone with a gentle touch,
that's filled with manly love;
that gives the care they need so much,
to children from above.
And hold his grandchild in his arms,
with joy and family pride.
He'll make them toss aside alarms
and in his strength confide,
He needs to tame machinery,
and know its nuts and bolts.
But still enjoy the scenery,
and watch the growing colts.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone who would work
from 4 o'clock till noon,
yet hospitality not shirk,
and say to 'come back soon'
when ladies visiting his wife
have made him wait on meals.
He takes it as a part of life
no matter how he feels.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone really brave
to stay up late at night,
and try a newborn foal to save.
Yet after his vain, noble fight,
to sigh and watch it die,
Then dry his eyes and pat the mare,
and say, 'next year again we'll try,
and still believe God's ways are fair.
God needed someone who could shape
the handle of an ax.
And then with shoe scraps, wire, and tape,
could fix a harness with old sacks.
Could shoe a horse, and rope a steer,
and sheer the sheep, and bed,
can lead a bull without a fear,
brake, disk, plow, plant, mow, rake, and ted.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone who would ride
the ruts at double speed
to get the hay in once it dried,
before the rain comes (which they need) .
And yet he'd stop midfield and race
to help, when he sees smoke
arising from a neighbor's place.
He'd try the flames to soak.
At harvest and spring season
he'd pain from tractor back,
meet 90-hour-week reason,
yet keep himself intact!
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone big and strong,
to haul manure, clear trees, heave bales,
lift haystacks on a pitchfork prong,
and carry four full water pails,
Yet someone with a gentle hand
to tend a little chick,
and help a newborn calf to stand,
or care for piglets when they're sick.
Who'd stop the mower instantly
to spare a helpless little nest
of meadowlarks and birdlings wee,
on some wide grassy ocean crest.
And so God made a Farmer.

God needed someone who could plow
those furrows deep and straight.
He'd not cut corners, and know how
to seed, weed, feed, and breed, and wait.
He'd strain the milk, and scrape the isles,
and finish up a hard week's pay.
Then make a drive of seven miles
to go to church and pray.
To share with friends and praise his God,
then bale together family
-raised on this commom sod-
bound with the strongest bonds that be.
Who'd laugh and share, with smiles and sighs,
and when they say they're 'proud of Dad',
reply with smiling eyes
because they've made him glad.
And so God made a Farmer.

Loretta Shively

Monday, August 15, 2022
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