The Monster Poem by Loretta Shively

The Monster

Rating: 5.0

It whispers in my ear.
It rustles through the grass.
It brushes at my skirt
in such a rush to pass.
The leaves look up in fear.
It bends and breaks the trees.
And everything around
within its presence flees.
Its fury rises high.
It rips the roof apart.
It claws the boards from barns
and flips the silage cart.
It kicks the buckets far,
in anger slams the doors.
It throws the hay in eyes
while I am doing chores.
It grabs and steals the mail,
forever gone and lost.
I hurry back inside.
It isn't worth the cost.
It beats upon the walls.
It shrieks through all the holes.
It flattens all the plants,
and tears the lines from poles.
It howls around the house
and rattles at the glass.
It seemed so gentle when
it played amid the grass.
A deadly spinning tail.
A man defying roar.
It vomits killer waves
that crash upon the shore.
It's unpredictable
and so undisciplined.
It races ‘round the world:
The ever changing Wind!

Loretta Shively

Thursday, August 11, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: poems,tornado,tsunami,power,wind,weather,poem
Bri Edwards 20 August 2022

5 stars, Loretta. I like consistent rhyming, and usually use it, but it took an effort for me and my aging body to verify your consistency/constanc in rhyming. .

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Loretta Shively 23 August 2022

Thank you for reading and rating! Also appreciate the suggestion… amid does fit better than among : )

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2022

'it played among the grass.' I think among may not be as appropriate as 'amid'. I found this in my search: 'Among is usually used with plural, countable nouns whereas amid is used with uncountable, mass nouns' : )

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Bri Edwards 26 August 2022

Today I plen to add this to my usually-monthly collection 'PH poems', which I call my 'showcase', found, as if it is a single poem by me, in my list of poems on pH.

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Bri Edwards 22 August 2022

(cont.) Your telling me the Monster's tale, with your rhyming, causes me, your poem, to keep. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 22 August 2022

Like a wind, your poem grabbed ahold of me, shaking me from my near-sleep.

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2022

Like the wind, your poem took ahold of me, shaking me from near-sleep.

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2022

Before finding you poem I was reading weather-related stories on a weather site! : ) bri

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