Responsibility Poem by Loretta Shively


Sometimes I wish
I were a fish.
No hair to wash or food to dish.
Just make my little tail go swish.

Or like a pug,
lay on the rug.
No need to fix the drains that plug.
Just sleep away, so safe and snug.

To be a bear,
without a care.
And have the time to sit and stare;
no obligation anywhere!

I'd like to try
life of a fly
‘cause I have never seen one cry,
and they don't have no clothes to dry.

Or have you heard
a grumpy bird?
I'd always have the perfect word.
Just fly around and drop a turd.

Outside this box
I'd be a fox.
Go sun myself upon the rocks.
No hateful ugly holey socks!

I saw my cat
So soft and fat
beside the fire she sat and sat.
I'd love to live my life like that!

Or be somehow
a lazy cow.
No future thoughts, just here and now.
A slower life I could allow.

I'd like to be
a manatee
just floating in my homey sea.
No chores to stop my fantasy.

Or be a sloth
and eat a moth.
No fridge to clean of spoiled broth,
or shirts to mend from rotten cloth.

But now I say
'I'm on my way'
For I am me, I cannot stay.
There's work to do and short's my day!

Loretta Shively

Thursday, August 11, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: responsibility,animals,lazy,relaxing,work
Chinedu Dike 14 August 2022

An interesting creation, well articulated and nicely brought forth with conviction.

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