Sincere Gratitude Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Sincere Gratitude

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Not poets alone but readers too
Is responsible part to pass through?
The delicate phase of maintaining
Cordial relation and remain in tune to sing

How can noble soul depart?
From being a crucial part
To spread the message of love
And in peaceful existence to believe

I have felt so lucky
As readers were almost ready
To fall in line with stated position
And maintain the relation

I never felt that sky was empty
Or there was no grace from almighty
Heavenly bodies represented their voice
With existence to prove message with promises

I have tried to be simple
To crate no controversy or trouble
That has proved to be of paramount importance
To feel part in their presence

I am unsure if their find in me
But I have lot more to feel free
Their love of unmatched magnitude
That I can only show through sincere gratitude


Jeremy Carsey11 hours ago I thought it was thoughtful and full of emotion, heart. Comment +1 SOME SPELLING MISTAKES

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kudos! huffy hunter9 hours ago thanks for such a soulful poem..deserves the stars. Comment +1 Something people lack, sincere gratitude

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munashemumbama@poetfreak All writers are important for sure and well written

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leafsailor I join you in this loving poem It is a true heart speaking, you are a dear friend of mine also! ! ! thank you

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Some Girl A lovely poem of thanks - reminding us to be grateful for the little things, which are also the most important :)

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really touching sir. You have shown the generosity of a man made of flesh and blood and still have retained the presence of a mind within not giving in to sentiments unwarranted. In spite of the veiled state of your reasons for writing this poem one has to thank you for sharing this sir. M D Dinesh Nair, VIJAYAWADA Jun 18,2013

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A very nice poem of advice.Don't be a cause of controversy/trouble is to be specially appreciated with the poem. P Nasarudheen, Kasargod.Kerala Jun 18,2013

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Laila (*-*) wonderful Reply 0 DEVKISHAN MEH.. NICE 1... Reply 0 P() () j@, good sir, , , , , , Reply 0 RAVISH.... K SATYAMEWA JAYATE...... Reply 0 prasad bolimeru never felt that sky was empty nice

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kind Reava Nuecome15 minutes ago very nice

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Hafiza.mehwish tariq11 hours ago BUT ON THE WHOLE GOOD

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