'Skins' On Mtv Poem by Luke Easter

'Skins' On Mtv

As I first heard about the series “Skins” airing on MTV,
I thought, there must be a promo error how could it be?
Why would the golf channel allow Jack, Gary and Fred,
Do Senior Skins not on their channel but MTV instead?

A little research, behold it’s about a bunch of misfit teens,
An abundance of sexual & drug fueled exploits on screen,
So, MTV executives have a new hit drama on their hands,
Sexual everything, getting high, teens, not woman and man.

Third episode to be shown January 31, shows a naked boy,
From behind as erectile dysfunction pills enlarged his toy,
The boss villain Viacom, The Real Word & Jersey Shore,
American standards for sexuality/obscenity more & more.

Are being tested not just by adult series but now by those,
Portray as almost normal alcohol and cocaine up the nose,
Featuring pre-martial sex including boy on boy, girl on girl,
Plus ménage à trois, why is there a problem in our world?

Reality shows like, Pregnant at 16, daughter lashed at mom,
Of one hundred disrespectful words half were the “F” bomb,
Although they were bleeped there’s no doubt what came out,
As mom just hollered right back, what, no slap in the mouth?

A small, tiny, concern MTV violated child pornography laws,
Well dogs & cats get more help through the efforts of PAWS,
Producers purposefully cast actors who’d never acted before,
Experience is needed to do what’s done behind closed doors?

Any wonder more doctors and scholars are from foreign lands,
Because the mainstream movies, shows, videos do all they can,
Seemingly at least with these shows ala Desperate Housewives,
Sex, drugs, alcohol, infidelity, etc, where's Joe Wilson? You lie!

It‘s alleged, “Skins” is supposedly risk programming by MTV,
However, some 3.3 million viewers turned their channel to see,
Addressing, real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way,
Minus checking repercussions or what the parents have to say?

It’s rated, TV-MA and maybe unsuitable for viewers under 17,
Then why are the commercials geared for the 12-15 $$$ green?
Okay is Pregnant at 12 or even at 10 the next big reality show?
MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, get on your mark, get set, go.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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