Skycap Poem by Randy Resh


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She has her wings
hummingbird jet fuel nectar
tightrope technician
clear for departure

azure altitude aeronautic attitudes
fly-by-wire functional chaos manager

diplomat ambassador
Oscar winning actor

She the honey bee navigational beauty
airborne emcee acrobat referee

Count-down compression
her constant companion
as the clock tick slips with

p-p-p pressurization

it is never-ending...

we have some things in common

Bedouin baggage bent to tent
jettison superfluous accoutrement
Slipstream hair line streamline sheen
twenty four makeup pristine preen

My raw hardware film gear throw
thirty pound solid case sonic cargo
mutual two-change clothing for folding
functional uniform shadow camo

And She dances the aisles
like a Movie Set Boom Operator

overhead carry-on characters jostling
plasticine tetricine jigsaw juggling
turbulent turbine travellers travailing

Pitch rolling fuselage flurry
- no worries
airborne asylum and then some surely

She be hummingbird
honey bee beauty
pivot roll gyro dynamo bearings

our axis taxis ridiculous
logistic taxes

Slot machine schedule
sleek streak sailing

or not forecasting

Hollywood hours standing-by
insane call-time
flight-plans waving bye

Stereo hotel channel surf moco locale
deadhead departures with layover loco

we live fitting in passing
unconventional as this fleeting

Thirty thousand feet below
we are running our celluloid show:

I hear twenty seconds before
cast with crew
one hundred and fifty so

I call 'plane' on set
...and we all hold the roll...

Speeding seconds slowly winding
nail-biting timing

The First AD trembles tremors
ulcerous stopwatch pulses pacing

he is now profusely sweating...

I subversive so discretely
break hold with camera ever so neatly

(there will be slight time-code drift
from wake of her heavenly
hummingbird shift)

...all to capture such bee-line tone
propulsive contrail catapult home

None less than I await the sumptuous
shoot day's circling window-take voluptuous

stellar runway waving wake
Skycap siren's scene-stealing take

I wink to my Director and whisper
thru confidante's comtek
secure channel privy monitor:

'I have now come to respect planes during takes,
acquired a new found appreciation for...

my blood no longer boils when I hear them
- but my heart-rate
even more doth most surely soar...'

Randy Resh 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: film,flight,love,sound,travel
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 05 July 2012

My blood no longer boils when I hear them - yet my heart-rate more still doth soar...' What have you added in your poem? My heart rate soars.. Well written!

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Randy Resh

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