Sleeping Giants Of An Altruistic Philanthropy Poem by Paul Amrod

Sleeping Giants Of An Altruistic Philanthropy

With the wealth of the word comes an internal awakening.
Could generousness plant the seeds of a cordial congeniality?
Needless competitive concepts yield to individual perfection
enabled through a recognition of talents through conveyancing.
The transparent awareness of each aptitude reveals the potentiality
of a multifaceted approach to warrant rewards in retrospection.
The boredom of monetary assemblage manifests the reckoning
of possible avenues of a new-fangled alertness to genuine reality.
Sculptures to poesy, painters, composers and philosophic perceptions
are blending with natural sciences furthering a graciously goodly cradling
gently rocking each gifted soul to nurture their instinctive camaraderie.
Hence the inspiration will flourish ingenious livelihoods with intentions
of profound humanism urging on our sleeping giants of philanthropy.
Captured in cages of crude ignorance the innovators are dimly dabbling
absent of a fervid fortitude wishing for assistance beseeching for reception.
The charity has vanished with an apathy furthering an avoidable catastrophe
with an applicant of visions for the arts whose manifesto is simply bedazzling.
Showering a burgeoning garden of sumptuous flowers with the conception
of an altruistic caressing of an inborn knowledge exhibits a seraphic trophy.
Therein is an unearthing of a plenteous endorsement for human invention
bestowing mankind with a promise of the ages as arts blossom with a ceremony
of superfluous treasures apportioned quite rightfully compassionately and nobly.
Nevertheless the situation is a forsaken fantasy for greed still dominates as concession
is sabotaged with no viable alibi leaving the hermit estranged viewing from his balcony.
The marriage between financial speculation and a symphonic melodic retention
is somewhat nonorganic leaving us with an artist's disinterest clinging to his spirituality.
Naturally communicative contact with the muses warms his chosen path boldly
forging his freedom exerting discipline rewarded with a constant flow of universality.
Accordingly his stance remains steadfastly stable never in need of fiscal attention
chasing his inventive reverie into Mother Nature meditating in forests with cosmogony
as his preference contemplating his origins amongst the Milky Way in its totality.
Sensing his individualistic methodology he stands ecstatically comforted with a testimony
presenting his colors within his cosmos sending forthright his counterpoints and harmony.
Absorbed, conceiving images of scintillation, his primrose path is perpetuating the amazing
voyage encompassing the revelation of novae yet discovered appearing on the horizons.
The stretching of the tail of the Scorpion fascinates his blessed signs of true genesis
incepting the origin of astronomical conjecture with each nebula's birth galactically blazing.
The avoidance of a true philanthropic solution leaves him with an alternative hypothesis
clarifying his quintessence purer than an uncut version of the most captivating diamond.
Only adherence to his essence gives him the courage to continue illustriously the environs
of his aspirations emulating his extemporaneous attitude of the liberated autonomous.
Notwithstanding the fallacy of inequity motivates the artist to his higher standards phrasing
his internal atmospheres with elegance emboldened by self-belief though anonymous.
Invariably reminded of the joyous beholders who secretly observe his consciousness
he revels his love for humanity as through the looking glass he will be surely gazing.

Sunday, July 31, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: artistic work
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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