My Newly-Wed Bride Poem by Paul Amrod

My Newly-Wed Bride

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My newly-wed bride wore a dress as blue as the morning sky.
Adorned with the most charming smile she crowned my hand.
We walked in a paradisal atmosphere after all was said and done.
Caressed by a summer's breeze with the deepest feelings to beautify
our cherished moment with our natural blending which yet began.
The bouquet was flung with an ethereal stroke to magnify
the unmarried damsels with a wish of a similar phenomenon.
The streaming rays of a late summer's day gifted us overland
with a coach to transport our imagination to marvelously fantasize.
Our family and friends were atingle and grinning from ear to ear
as they relished our honest emotions as we attempted to verbalize
our contentment although it was seen in every movement so sincere.
Kindling the excitement we invited them to a celebration with a saraband
like in early Mexico with electric toes quick-stepping through the belvedere.
The whimsical and imaginative décor flabbergasted and mystified
creating a voluminous abundance of enthusiasm which never disappeared.
Our daughters also in azure would assure the perfect hosting first-hand
authentically pursuing the guest's desires with ease and gracefulness thereby.
The middle-eastern cuisine was prepared with utmost care and personalized
with perfection encompassing the broom's wishes, heritage and fatherland.
Then the electrifying moment of the evening was arriving and at hand.
Mister Pee Wee Ellis an invitee came up and packed his sax out on the bandstand.
The Chicken and Blues ala LS were played
and my brother Willy sang out in glee to personify
the funky jams and the bluesy lines flowing through the evening's enchanted air.
Bennie, Sigi and Tommy played along so the concert was most certainly classified.
As the evening turned to night in the alleys of the city of Constance's historical flare
we sat in the garden till daughter Lisa did call
because the wedding cake was on the veneer.
The freshly married pair then with a toast decided to cut the fantastic delicious pie
with bananas, chocolate and candied flowers
which serenaded the festival with a lullaby.
The memory has now been captured by the groom, the dainty metaphysical scribe.
All written in dedication to his lifelong dream, Bernadette,
his gorgeous newly-wed bride.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams
Bernadette Meessen 13 March 2019

Hi Paul My goodness you know how to give your bride a fully wonderful description Wow, Thanks for sharing

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Zoila T. Flores 02 October 2016

I always believe that words are powerful in our saying, and it's not the exception in this beautiful piece of poetry. Greetings, Zoila T. Flores

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Paul Amrod 03 October 2016

Thank you very much Zoila. I enjoy your wonderful verses as well, Greetings, Paul

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Anzelyne Shideshe 26 September 2016

Passionate gestures expressed in this poem thanks for sharing .

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Paul Amrod 26 September 2016

Thanks Anzelyne I really did just get married! All the best, Paul

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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