Snow Day (A Poem By My 8 Year Old Little Sister)

Up at 6 in the morning
out the window there is snow
it covers the roads and covers the fields
so I turn on the radio
and what do I hear
the spirit of winter
it's come at last my dear
it's a snowday for shure
down to the ice covered roads
and the snow covered trees
I put on mittens, my glove and my hat
at last I put on my coat and my snowpants
then I put on boots and was ready to go
I was ready to make snowballs
for my big brother Josh
and I had to pack them hard or they'd fall apart
and when josh comes out
we will scream and shout
then we'll throw all the snowballs
and we'll laugh and we'll cheer
and when were done we'll go in for some nice hot cocoa from mum
and then I softly sip my warm hot choclate from my coffe mug yum
and at last it is time to go to bed
and as I go to bad I know.............there will be another amazing snow tommorow