Smile If You Forgot To Poem by Sara Tehrani

Smile If You Forgot To

Hand on heart
Tell me you didn’t find that funny
Tell me you didn’t smile in the corner
Hiding your face
Pretentious frown that you seem to think is cool
Tell me that without blinking or moving your eyes
Hand on heart tell me you’re not happy in disguise
A moment of madness takes over your sadness
Don’t push it away, smiling is ok
He won’t mind if you have moved on
He wants to see you the way he knew you
He wants you to remember
The promise you made in November
He doesn’t want you to forget
The place and time that you met
But you can move on
You can prove them wrong
Because you once taught him how to be strong
Now it’s your turn to show yourself how it’s really done
So take off your black coat
Step out your grey shoes
Undo your top button
Now dance to the blues
Let go of what you’re holding on to
Cry if you want to
Hold on before you let go
Smile if you forgot to

Olayemi Ayo 27 February 2012

I love your poem on smile if you forgot to. Please keep it up.

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Pheko Motaung 07 February 2012

A great poem.Written with real emotion

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