Speaks Positively Poem by Sara Tehrani

Speaks Positively

Rating: 5.0

I want to pull your hair out, scream and shout
Bruise your bones and let the blood flow out

I want to crush your head and cut your skin
I want to show my hate for you from deep with in

I want to tear your eyes out and make you blind
I want love for you to never find

I want you to confront what you have caused
I want you to look at every inch of you and pause

Pause long enough to STOP

I want you to be in control
Eat only when hungry and STOP when you are full

I want you to be in control
Take what is given to you and not go and get more

I want you to listen to me
Finally your conscience speaks positively.

Copyrighted 10.06.09

Beauty Philosophy 17 August 2009

A nice poem stemming from your heart.

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Mona Martinez 11 August 2009

wow. that was amazing poem, i enjoyed reading it. so full of exitciment.

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L.P. Alexanders 16 June 2009

i think that the persona speaks honestly about his/her disagreement with the person whom the poem is addressed, and instructively about what that person has to change to be a better person= speaks positively, am i right? great piece of work keep writing!

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