Smokers Inhaling Smoke Or Viruses Poem by Terence George Craddock

Smokers Inhaling Smoke Or Viruses

there is an old tale smoke curling strange twists
in tobacco addiction woven into nicotine smokers
dice cast addictions claims those who never smoked
yet struck down died from lung cancer passive smoking
visible peril living with smoker partners or visiting
smoke filled rooms back in those distant days
when smoking was allowed everywhere clouds
of smoke hung two thirds to the floor in pubs

filled with crowds of smokers smoking cigarettes
earlier generations roll your own tobacco or pipes
one of my mother's relatives smoked heavy duty
like an industrial chimney smoked like a chimney
but lived to an old age never ill nor got any cancers
smoked all their lives without issues is supposedly

good genes but rare most pay horror throat lung
cancer deadly price green frog smoke choke croak
smoking can help prevent colds smoke heat in throat
as opposed to cold moist air alcohol in blood stream
has a preventive effect on bacteria virus infections;
but duration level of intoxication causes other health
problems an ancient remedy for sailors was grog
containing fruit juice drunk during the sailing era

fruit juice contained necessary vitamin C helped prevent scurvy
water often went foul in barrels rum was issued in royal navy
spirits like gin were drunk at beginning of pandemic outbreaks
desperate times called for desperate measures sought solutions
in an age of more advanced medicine developed vaccinations
offer researched healthier longer lasting life saving solutions

Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Split image from the poem 'Smokers Clutching At Covid-19 Straws', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Complete version of the split images 'Strange Smoke Curling Twists: In Who Grim Reaper Smokers Reaps' and 'Sailors Away At Sea On The Grog', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Written in July 2023 & June 2024 on the 29.7.2023&8.6.2024.
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