Karmel Clune

So Close This Time Again - Poem by Karmel Clune

It's like driving a car into a brick wall
200 miles an hour, windows down
Bracing yourself and hoping for the worst
Crying outloud over the blaring radio
Eyes staring at the rear-view mirror, daring your reflection to flinch

Step on the pedal, give a little more gas
Engine burning, heart following suit
Palms heavy with sweat on the cool leather
Sun smirks as you shield your eyes
Tires screech towards the end of the line

Your breath comes in sharp
Each exhale one step closer to the last
In, out, breathing pure pressure
Heart stuck quick in your throat
Only thoughts urging you to go

Blinking back tears caught in your lashes
Eyes burning through anticipation
Of the inevitable collision you instigated
Wiping your brow, you grip the wheel tighter, tighter
Knuckles white, foot pressed to accelerate

The car races, heat rises, wind blows past
The wall appearing in the distance
No stopping now, no stopping now
Eyes snap shut, the tires screech to a halt
So close, you sigh, as you reach the wall

So close again, so close again

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 23, 2006

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