A Day In The Life Of - Me! Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Day In The Life Of - Me!

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I wake up in the morning and pull back the curtains, wide,
And look out through the window to view the world outside,
To see if the sky is blue or grey, sunny or with rain,
And see if the postman's on his way with letters that contain,
News of family and friends, and more 'bills' by the way,
Attempting to motivate the mind, and start another day.

With all the jobs I have to do before we leave the house,
To get the breakfast going, for self and for my spouse,
To put clothes in the washing machine, make sandwiches for lunch,
And add some fruit and maybe also, some biscuits we can munch.
To load the car with coats and bags, and other odds and ends,
And quickly venture off to work and see what the day sends.

With people wanting this and that and taking orders for
Various kinds of merchandise which we might have in store,
Writing down their preferences for all their different needs,
Sorting out the dates and times, working at different speeds.
Busy as we move along, through the hours set for work,
Having no time to rest awhile, there is no time to shirk.

The telephone keeps ringing, the doorbell's buzzing too,
I'd really love a cup of tea, but what am I to do,
There's 'can I have', 'would you please' and 'could you just this once',
I'm really getting hungry, my stomach, how it grunts.
There's 'what's the time? ' and 'must get done' before we start to close,
And having stood the whole day long, there's the pain that's in my toes.

Out go the lights, down come the blinds, it's time to pack away,
All the paperwork and goods that we have used today,
Sweep the floor, dust the shelves, check orders already placed,
Tidy everything away, and clear the bags of waste.
Switch off the lights, set the alarm, close and lock the door,
Jump in the car, slip off the shoes, now the toes are really sore.

Here's home at last but there's no rest yet, the washing in the drum
Must be hung up, so here we go. My feet are going numb.
There's vacuuming, and ironing, the meal to prepare and cook,
Oh, how I would love to just sit down and quietly read a book.
At last it's time to climb the stairs, I'm ready for my bed,
Until a 'certain' alarm, shatters the sweet dreams in my head.

© Ernestine Northover

Ivor Hogg 08 June 2007

Another day like yesterday with tomorrow yet to come Can you not find time for play Im sure it would be most welcome. Persuade your spouse that he should share the chores around the house I think that is only fair.. The first one home prepares the meal. because we have a sweet heart deal

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Janice Walkden 24 April 2006

Ah this made me smile because my life was rather like this once. I would recommend treating yourself to a footspa for those achy feet. Keep up the good work! Jan x

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Kristin Davis 22 May 2006

Dear Mrs/Ms Northover, You did a spectacular job putting the whole imagery together! Smooth and quickly read while @ the same time found myself nodding and grining with memories of the same. =) Thank you for the sweet comment on my poem 'What a Pecker'... glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write.=) Expect me around more, for I'll be lurking around at more of your work! I give this poem a 10 for multi reasons...1 for the imagery and structure of the piece, and 2 for the fact that any woman who admittedly goes through day after day of womanhood of such and then can kick back and chill with laughter over it all deserves to be patted on the back! =) Looking forward to reading more...keepem' poppin'! ! Ciao, Kristin!

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Tasha Miller 25 June 2006

This is so great! I LOVE to read poetry that flows like this one! I hope you were soaking your feet when you wrote it! In my opinion, this poem has great form and perfect flow, and we all know hard that is to do.

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Melvina Germain 16 August 2006

Love it, love it, love it, I can certainly relate. Thankyou so much for taking me through your day.---Melvina

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Big Chopper 19 September 2022

This poem is the best and I can relate to this

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Tan Pratonix 25 October 2017

Ernestine, this poem is a smash hit. Deserves a 10+. How I long to read such poetry in the barren wilderness, the bleak Sahara, of Poemhunter. A site that was once a joy to visit, but has now been invaded by Poetasters and Ninjuns.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 22 November 2015

Very Nicely done, Poetess E....Seems as if our once literary family circle fron almost one-half a score of years ago hath turned into a square and tumbled end over end out the PH back door of inefficiency....Hope all is well in your world, young lady. Happy Thanksgiving even if you don't officially celebrate it... Drop me a message when you get a chance...Have you heard anything from or about Alison 'Allie' Cassidy, or Jerry Hughes? I miss Sandra Fowler, Herbert Nehrlich and especially Michael Shepherd...I left PH in 2010 in complete disgust for their continuous tunnel vision towards any problem one of us or at times all or us needed fixing including the gross disrespect of not even a standard one line reply.... I returned in December of 2014, and have since pop in & out perhaps for about as much time in a week what I once spent writing, reading, commenting and meering fine people such as you... in one day...everyday! You take care. ~Frank ~

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Colin Jeffery 15 October 2008

I took great delight in your charming poem.

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Ron Flowers 09 August 2008

I's a real skill to write a poem about everyday life. A delightful read. Ron

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