So Near, Yet So Far Poem by Ravi Singh

So Near, Yet So Far

Rating: 4.8

I’m an open and transparent soul,
She is like a black hole

I’m too eager to share my joys,
She too indulges and shows she enjoys

I like to share my sorrows,
She tends to listen and seems to be morose

I told her all my flaws,
She keeps her secret tucked under her claws

I’m a harmless but compulsive flirt,
She always keeps me on the alert

I like to make our conversation cheerful,
She is always guarded and careful

Still, I always wish to be with her,
She seems to be aloof from my sphere

When I try to feign being away from her thoughts,
She teases me with her endearing plots

I told her, how I look and from where I came,
And till today, I don’t even know her name

So strange is our relationship,
More than acquaintance, hardly a friendship

I live on one eternal hope,
To climb up to her heart she will hand me down a rope

Preeti Chauhan 24 August 2009

more of a confession than a

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Piyush Sharma 27 July 2009

what a wonderful comparison ' she is like a black hole'. i learnt something new. An enigmatic person can be addressed as a black hole coz it is so unknown. Your comparisons are really very good. The last stanza is fantastic. Firstly you need to climb up to her heart (describing the difficult path) and secondly it cant be possible by your efforts until she herself wants you to do so. 10+

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Vanita Thakkar 25 July 2009

Wish you all the best, Ravi! ! Vanita

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dr veenaa rai 23 July 2009

a day will come when u will get ur reply. till then, wait....nice, trasperent way of writing

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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

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