Ravi Singh Poems

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A Pair Of Sparrows On My Lovely Lemon Tree

Those were the days
So joyous and carefree
When I could watch the preening of
A pair of sparrows on my lovely lemon tree

Bitter- Sweet Symphony Called Life

I saw pearly droplets of tears
Trickling through her green eyes
Who could cause such a pain to her?
To me this logic simply defies

Borsalino Test - Acid Test Of Life

You told me, you are under the weather
And you have some serious tension
Believe me, my dear friend
You are not an exception

My Kitchen Expedition

Blissful are the times when you are home alone
For few days in the year when your wife is gone
It was one of such coveted occasion
And time for my kitchen expedition

Never Let The 'Hope' Die...!

Hopes are feathers, a wish is a bird
One may find this simile a little absurd

Hold on, do not lose patience

The Elusive Lady

She appears out of nowhere, and in a jiffy she is gone
Keeping me guessing, about what went so wrong
She is an elusive lady to me

So Near, Yet So Far

I’m an open and transparent soul,
She is like a black hole

I’m too eager to share my joys,

Autumns And Springs For Weather...! !

Scorching sun may
Push us to stop and turn
In pricking hot sand
Our feet might burn

Flight Of Affection

Wheels begin the journey,
Wings take it forward
Like flight of our affection,
Taking its flight onward

Love Me Just For Me

I can learn to play guitar
And work towards owning a flashy car
But, to you, I have this unspoken plea
That I want you to love me just for me

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