Love Me Just For Me Poem by Ravi Singh

Love Me Just For Me

Rating: 5.0

I can learn to play guitar
And work towards owning a flashy car
But, to you, I have this unspoken plea
That I want you to love me just for me

Can slog in gym to become like a model in that book
Register with a salon to get that hip look
But through glisten in eyes, can’t you see
That all I want you to love me just for me

Would develop that chivalrous attitude
through careful planning would become a cool dude
I shall go on showering gifts, you see
But I want you to love me just for me

For you, oh my sweet girl
Shall bring diamond and pearl
My love for you knows no boundary
And wish, you love me just for me

If I get set to do, for you, all this
Just think, what you are going to miss
The guy who admired you, would flee
So my love, do love me just for me

Christian Navarro 11 January 2010

if i were the girl, i would love you for just being you. the poem is very romantic.

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Lady Grace 30 September 2009

nice and dramatic...simple but expressive..

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Preeti Chauhan 22 September 2009

very nice ravi...the idea is so naive and simple..i like it..10 for u

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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Gwalior, India
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