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A Pair Of Sparrows On My Lovely Lemon Tree

Rating: 5.0

Those were the days
So joyous and carefree
When I could watch the preening of
A pair of sparrows on my lovely lemon tree

Summer days were so short, winters were so long
And for endless hours one could go on a kite flying spree
When I could watch, hopping here and there
A pair of sparrows on my lovely lemon tree

Enjoying tender sunshine in winter is a past
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dr veenaa rai 30 July 2009

very nostalgic indeed, nice write.10+

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Ejaz Khan 30 July 2009

A nice write, with nostaligical feelings!

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 May 2017

Bliss it is in hindsight, chirping of A pair of sparrows on my lovely lemon tree Very fine motivating poem.......... it is a bliss.. a final realisation of the wonders of nature that affect us really.. tony

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Brian Jani 24 May 2014

A beautiful theme, I can almost taste the sensations

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Allemagne Roßmann 29 September 2011

sweet memories of childhood last forever....sparrows sung it once again for you..

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Preeti Chauhan 02 September 2009

voted 10...great job

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Christian Navarro 31 August 2009

oh, memories... i agree with them, it's very nostalgic. good times fly so fast while the bad times seem so slow. beautiful..

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