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Societanic - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Learning ain't the problem
Unlearning is…
To realize you judged early, un-tilled eyes
Returning back
To the early paths, tracked into the water
Collapsing in on itself
Too bad for order
Grasping normal, tagged association
Recombining things
Right or wrong
In the soul, folds the mind to change, cash equal motive
Some expense, for the time of pain
Seeming unremitting
With declining shame, and if it didn't
What’s the reason?
Paramilitary hit men, on a mission for a legion
Told about religion…
Even though the Most High broke it down and split
Smokescreens prosper
In the highlands
Hope and doubt's division…
Eating lobster on an island
Tell the children… BE
For what it is and what it was went in different schemes
When the vision shrinks is when the end
Begins to breathe
Within the sea, physic beast, get in sync with Scripture reads
It's coming…
But the drama, lusts, rebuttals, in this day
No covered up, slick, conditions, see, no brothers in the way
Because of disgruntled pansophy
To struggle with the answer sheet, man, I'm beat
Even canopy, ain't singing, beaming
But sitting back, with insanity, just reading, speaking Life
Even family, pit against me, while I'm thinking
We was tight
Ain't no rattling, in my spirit, and no hissing within Christ
Or in sight, to stay conditioned
By His stripes
Does the healing come, I know the difference, peacemakers
Peacekeepers ain't the type that die and
We'll see later…
Not expected to survive
Ostracized and left
I don't want your friendship or the mindless steps
Workers of iniquity… the mark of the wicked
And I ain't perfect but I certainly don't give heart to the sinning
Noted me, I speak the truth, I depart what I mention
So not a hypocrite, a human, ill-apart of the
That got smart, in the spirit, now regard as a Christian
Sanballat ain't stopping nothing
I'm discarding the
Rivets, that I ain't have to use, it's lasting, smoothly, elevated
In the sky, keeping out the darts, to Nehemiah
And sent to I
Wicked people stick together, whether right or wrong
Forget appealing to them
Christ is trying to Light their souls, not to go to hell
They eye it wrong… if that eye is
Being the window of the soul, how define that heart?
Stepping out of line into other people's place, trying to dwindle out the shine
With a bunch of evil things
I could justify a lot if I bumped by means of praise
But I worship Father God so it's…
What's for me to say? Satan wants for me to break, got to wonder why
They swinging hard… throwing everywhere
Knuckles bleeding from the wings of God, I refuse to
Take an evil road
My faith is solid, ain't no revenge, just some praise, to the Holy Spirit
Any circumstance, I err the trance
Of the broken villain
They said I wouldn't make it, sat, and saw my goals fulfilling
Better is expected, poets don't write and be
In life, it's the fight, victory don't come around 'til flight, in a certain sense
Because the word can twist and merge a tense
It occurs as this…
We're worth it since Jesus turned to us, it's sin, and died to rise
So we can't stay down if Christ survives
Brighter times…
Many in denial, really, this commending trifle, anyone will make unshaken effort
If they really like you, and if it ain't the case
Then lady
You're straight, I still believe you ain't the same, but yet…
Today ain't the age
I ain't…
I made a difference, every move portrayed as feelings, I ain't in it
Same collisions, faithful visions get the most flak
I can see the flash bang
So I'll throw back, dross, is my nick name, something out of known scraps
You don't ever lose nothing that you want back
No slack, blending in with Jesus
Get the soul facts
Everything is so perverted, and I don't rap, plus it takes the willing to discern it
Ditching old traps
….I hear about I have a change
I don't know about it….
But if I have then the blaming placed the mold, endowed it
This is much more than a poem
We’re controlling
Trying to keep the pace, of the storms, through the cold surroundings
Societanic be a phrase, been enclosed, up out the planet
This ejectamenta, stole, never sold
Darkness can't fight the Light, only low bows, that should tell us
Where we need to lie, it ain't the gold rows
For we don't prepare to die
We prepare to live… in eternity, praying I have some spare to give…
Societanic, I don't look for anywhere to live We are from eternity
It's everywhere… it's never sealed, and we can't shut paper down
I would never want to
Let that ink speak to me, let the tapered undo
All the things we seem to keep
That's deceiving us
Let the glory of the Lord be enabled, all in one move

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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