*** I Love You *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** I Love You ***

Rating: 4.5

I love you
Illusive intrusions like thunderous voices
Blowing my mind away….
I am here to conceal the chronology
All facts and figures
Embezzling the dazzles
Digging deep into your soul
You’re the artifact
Of ancient’s sag
Beneath you history shines
Generating my consciousness
Chasing away insanity…
Sounds of silence passing by
Composing the song of ‘why’

I love you
Tell me why
Cry me a River Kwai
I’m your blue ocean
Albeit all confusions
Flesh aroma sizzling
Heart beat pending
Terracotta of your physique
Terrorizing my psyche
Help me to help me
Watching you like DVD
Pause and still
Inching you to frill
All your moves
For me to groove

I love you
Keeping your heart in invisible
Can not be seen but everywhere…
Waving my rational
Your sadness is my funeral
Your happiness is my survival
I could not survive…
Any day without you alive
Listen to our hearts
They’re playing the ‘why’ song
Get into the rhythm
Ensure and be firm
Do we need another love?
Heart breaks
Soul cracks
So as to facilitate misery
Our love is a visionary
Open the windows
To hungry eyes

I love you
We are attached
Like a super glue
Bonded in true
Have you ever seen my mind naked?
When Moses parting the Red sea,
And I walk through
Drown before reaching the other end
So to speak…
When you’re no longer mine
Repercussions are what…
You don’t want to know

I love you
As always I do
So many days
I pray
So many nights
I sigh
Wishing you eternally
To be by my side
Together we ride
The caravan of pride
Our love’s might

Surayya Abbas 26 April 2009

Very original.Absolutely right.

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Kiracakes09 . 21 January 2009

utter love and value... your metaphors amaze me

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sumaira .....ir 21 January 2009

Poem had a different shades of lov... Sensibly write each nd every word... A refine love with pour emotions... Wonderful dear +10 as alwayz

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O Anna Niemus 09 January 2009

a song of eternal love

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Naidz Ladia 16 December 2008

'ur sadness is my funeral, ur happiness is my survival'...there s no such other wrd ill use for ths as comment...very good very nice, ...in short, , , , , EXCELLENT..

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Anabel just Anabel 14 July 2009

beautiful! ! ! I believe you found a perfect way to descrive love! ! : D I love it! !

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Wyndon Villafuerte 09 July 2009

A really, really beautiful piece... I'm amazed by your thoughtfulness and your choice in words.

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 June 2009

this is a very beautiful and lovely poem indeed... i see you v expressed your innermost feelings through this one.. nice sir! ! ! ! .. with lots of love shan

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Apurva Gore 30 May 2009

This is a wonderful poem.

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Madeline Berry 20 May 2009

Wonderful, original and witty :) Great reading

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