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Somehow That Makes Me Racist?

I bought myself an ice scream stand,
that kind that every small town has,
and summer was coming quickly,
so I needed workers, and fast.
But I did my due diligence,
I checked into people's backgrounds,
found one man was an illegal,
so I had to turn the man down.
I can't afford the fines I'd pay,
and there are people living here
living up for a part time job
to assuage their own money fears.
But word got out an activists
came and had a conniption fit,
they claimed that just following laws
somehow makes me a racist?

In the first week I ran that place
I made money hands over fist,
the joint had been closed for some years,
there was pent-up demand for this.
Most of my employees did well,
but one of them always came late,
and one or twice he smelled of pot,
on my nerves he began to grate.
Every moment he wasn't there
cost me money and customers,
they come to spend their hard-earned cash
so decent service is deserved.
I fired him and then he claimed
that I was ‘white supremacist, '
that wanting punctuality
somehow makes me a racist? !

One day my daughter's school did hold
a career day for the parents,
my place is popular in town
so I agreed to it and went.
I told the students to do you
you'd need a plan and much hard work,
after I was done the teacher
looked at me like I was a jerk.
Afterwards she got up and said,
"It doesn't always work that way.
Some people are just to oppressed,
I think they too should have their say."
She was encouraging failure,
and afterwards at me she spit,
"Expecting hard work to pay off
is a hurtful lie, and racist! "

I have a next door neighbor who
is not the same color as me,
but I never much thought of that,
he easy-going, friendly.
We both got along well-enough,
until his sister did move in,
and brought along a yapping dog
who's barking was as loud as sin.
I put up with this for some weeks,
then I went over there and asked
if they could keep him in at night,
in the sister's eyes anger flashed.
She claimed I hated ‘black people, '
that was why I was doing this,
treating them like normal neighbors
somehow made me a racist? !

On days off I do like to hike,
like to go to the great outdoors,
the quiet of a mountainside
lifts the stresses that I abhor.
But then I saw an article
claiming going off to the woods
was somehow racist in itself,
and that doing so wasn't good.
At this point I just rolled my eyes,
the truth was abundantly clear,
these people had no principles,
just sought to rule us all through fear,
If all is racist, nothing is,
and if this woke bullsh-t persists,
the only people worth knowing
will be ones that they call racist.
This is a fictional story.
Kostas Lagos 08 April 2021
It is a crazy world we're living in...
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