Song Poem by ROCHISH MON


Whether to sing or listen to a song;
arrived I.
From place unknown I have come here.
Do I know about this place in advance? No.
Without knowledge my journey has started.
My journey was burned in the sun's heat and drenched in the rain fall and shivered in the snowfall. At times my journey was drenched in the sun's heat and burned in the rainfall and it was drenched and burned in the snowfall.
Greetings, scorns, obstacles, proceedings surrounded me.
Unexpected things many, have got into me.
Some are with me. Some came out of me and went away.
Did I come out?
How will I yes?
Should I say that there is wakefulness in a dream?
I could not come out of me.
I am choked in me.
In wakefulness a dream is moving.
Picture is not there on the canvas.
Sound is there, music is not there.
Song; which one is the song? where is the song?
I was contemplating to catch the song.
As I am in the contemplation, the completion has come.
On the land a river has flown.
Chillness was known.
Song was not found.
Do I need to try for the song again?
To gain will I come again?
Will the song be mine? Will the song take me? Will I unite with the Song? Beyond me will I emerge as the song?
To make me understand, perchance, the song may call me one more time.

In the Almighty's court I want to be a singer.

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