Song: Donny And The Midterms Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: Donny And The Midterms

I'm strolling, not trolling, for my numbers are polling,
Despite some own-goaling, I'm rolling this time;
Whilst the bells may be tolling, as ICE is patrolling,
You know I'm controlling the message on crime.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
The code for 'the other' that ain't human being.
MS-13. You know how I lean:
In the tent with the white men venting their spleen.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
It's the fault of the Democrats; I warm to this theme.
MS-13. I rant and I scream:
It's all black and white, and there's no in-between!

While some heads are spinning, my staunch base ain't thinning;
They're all madly grinning and waving their signs.
They don't care if I'm sinning, or at their core, underpinning,
For to be told they are winning, is to be graced by divines.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
They're from south of the border; that's all you need glean.
MS-13. To be denounced and demeaned:
They're nothing but rapists with a bean-based cuisine.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
Our daily bread's full of weevils of intent and rapine.
MS-13.When hatred is keen;
They're the demons and devils that inhabit our dreams.

While some are denying, the system is dying,
As the fools rush in spying, and clowning about.
There's no point in trying, to stop all the lying;
You just push the fake news that all truth is doubt.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
I call out people as evil, so I deserve your esteem.
MS-13. It is just as it seems:
I blow the dog whistle, blaming blood and bad genes.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
They're over on Fox that helps set the scene.
MS-13. They amass in their memes:
What we can't turn away, we must quarantine.

MS-13. You know what I mean:
It's a scam for the midterms that so props up our team.
MS-13. It's all a smokescreen;
I shout 'Fire! ' in the theater and then add kerosene.

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: political
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