Song: Every Day A Holiday! Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: Every Day A Holiday!

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Every day a holiday;
Every night a dream.
Every day the Milky Way,
And at twilight there is cream.
Every bay and little cay,
A calming port redeems,
This pirate ship once gone astray,
Eluding cruel regimes.

Every day a holiday;
That's how it surely seems.
Every day we joke and play,
And write it out in reems.
Every day a page of script,
A cherished wine sweetly sipped;
Every day an ego chipped,
As so it goes with teams:
We duel with words and memes.

Every day a holiday;
At night there are the dreams.
Every day I cast away,
My fears by every means.
Every day with feet of clay,
I steal the crucial scenes;
And weave our mutual plot ballet,
For some net fixed silver screens.

Every day I hope and pray,
I keep your fond esteem.
Every day our ropes may fray;
We sail on fettered beams.
Through raging storm and tempest blast.
We tether each other to the mast.
Together we face the ocean vast,
Gather weather in wild extremes.

Every day a holiday;
But one that simply teems,
With the cool desires and the warming fires,
On the set of the Greek triremes.
The tiller holds us steady,
As we ready the fearsome jamb.
On the killer boat it's heady,
As we brace ourselves to ram.

From within the haze, the bark lies dazed,
As it's canvas rips and screams.
The drowning men, are dispatched, and then,
The churning water streams,
Up through the hull in a final cull,
Of the leaking, creaking seams.
A sudden lull and all is dull,
As is the space between.

As if praised, at the end of days,
So must this story deem:
It must involve some growth evolved,
A resolve with a twist unseen.
So when we raise our moral traits,
Like meddling gods and genes,
Are we sure to avert our gaze,
When they make mere men machines.

Every day the world goes grey,
As the nightmares become our dreams.
Every day we see who pays,
The fools that serve their queens.
Every day the donkey brays,
And crazy goes mainstream.
Every day we scorn, inveigh,
Who'd rule from high, supreme.

Every day with your cache,
I tremble, eyes agleam.
Every day an old cliche,
But full of loving themes.
Every lay and in your sway,
I lie in sweat and steam.
Every day a holiday;
Every night a dream.

Robert Murray Smith 22 July 2018

Dave, very clever. I really enjoyed your penmanship. It would make a wonderful song.+++++++++++++++10

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