Sonnet 2 Poem by Octavian Cocos

Sonnet 2

Rating: 5.0

My body's made of dust and muddy earth
And yet my soul descended from the sky,
Love's been my mistress from my very birth
And I'll protect it always, till I die.
She's like a down that gathers in a pile,
Because she's sensitive and pure and light,
But if the wind starts blowing for a while,
Then she gets scared and suddenly takes flight.
On our Earth, love is a little shy,
People have lost their meaning and are bad,
They are attached only to things that lie,
Love for some time, and then they all get mad.
But I respect my mistress, she's sublime,
I'll be her slave until the end of time.

Chinedu Dike 25 August 2021

Insightful and profound creation nicely penned in verse with rhythmic splendour. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched...

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 June 2021

I am reminded of the famous lines of Great Malayalam Poet, Kumaran Asan: Snehamaanakhila saaramoozhiyil/ Snehasaramiha sathyamekamaam..". Meaning, The very essence of everything in the universe is Love. And Love is the only one Truth

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 June 2021

An ode to universal love, camaraderie, kinship and compassion. Lovely poem. Quite meaningful. Thoroughly down to earth. Full score and onto myfav

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