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If your soul is mean and vile
And your mind is deeply stained,
If you have a bogus smile,
Wear a mask and you are saved.


You were young and full of life
I was thriving in your eyes,
So I made you a surprise
Asking you to be my wife.

In this part of the world the land is dry
The lack of rainfall makes you go insane,
The mountain tops rise high into the sky
And the gray clouds attack the ridge in vain.

My body's made of dust and muddy earth
And yet my soul descended from the sky,
Love's been my mistress from my very birth
And I'll protect it always, till I die.

A walnut fallen on a narrow lane
Seemed very nice and tempting, so to speak,
That four black crows descended, I maintain,
To grab it with their long and pointed beak.

I think I'm feeling better, more mature,
Than how in my whole life I've ever been,
But maybe it's too soon to tell for sure
That I have found my essence deep within.

In a short while you'll venture high above
Because this world has ceased to be your lot
And on your grave I'll plant with care and love
A small blue flower of forget-me-not.

My woods, how beautiful you are
When feeble are the shades
And through the branches, from afar,
A wind of spring pervades.

The earth is long and wide a bit
But rich like Arrow, gentle, fit,
There was no ruler to outshine
And had a daughter, so divine,

Without a shelter, hungry, blue,
You put a burden on my back
And spat me and enchained my neck,
I was a dog for you.

The column, cut deep by the sword of a king
got a beautiful gift, the stone didn't possess:
so, when touched by the first shining rays of the spring
it was able to sing the forbidden distress.

An Arab comes, looking like hell,
His voice is weak, he can't speak well,
- O, pasha, please, don't be severe,
From Bab-el-Manteb I've come here

Flows down the water of the spring,
The roar is all prevailing,
And in the evening poplars sing
The everlasting wailing.

The drought has destroyed everything, all around.
The sun has now melted and flown on the ground.
All that's left is the bare sky, which burns really hot.
From the wells, all the buckets draw black mud a lot.

'Twould be best if we could perish
While in us there is some light,
Not to live devoid of vigor
Till the soul, detached, takes flight.

Love is a wondrous feeling,
A swan in rapid flight
Across the vault of heaven
When it's serene and bright.

Why did you leave so quickly, my dear mom,
You should have waited for your son to come;
An hour more, to hold your hand and try
To make you smile and then to say good bye.

I want, to be able pure poems to write,
To sleep near the sky like star gazers at night,
To dream near the belfries, enchanted and filled
By their solemn anthems diffused by the wind.

On a ridge so nice,
Nest of Paradise,
Here come in the end,
Down the slope descend

Santa Claus, who come anew,
There's a lot I'd say to you...
I'm not asking gifts today,
Now it's time to take away.

The Best Poem Of Octavian Cocos

Wear A Mask

If your soul is mean and vile
And your mind is deeply stained,
If you have a bogus smile,
Wear a mask and you are saved.

If your friend, who gives you all,
Without mercy is betrayed,
If your soul is really small,
Wear a mask and you are saved.

If you know that in your life
You have lied and misbehaved,
If you can't get rid of strife,
Wear a mask and you are saved.

If a person you have met
About you will want to ask
Open up, but don't forget
To keep on your daily mask.

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