Octavian Cocos Poems

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You were young and full of life
I was thriving in your eyes,
So I made you a surprise
Asking you to be my wife.

Wear A Mask

If your soul is mean and vile
And your mind is deeply stained,
If you have a bogus smile,
Wear a mask and you are saved.

Sonnet 2

My body's made of dust and muddy earth
And yet my soul descended from the sky,
Love's been my mistress from my very birth
And I'll protect it always, till I die.

Sonnet 19

A walnut fallen on a narrow lane
Seemed very nice and tempting, so to speak,
That four black crows descended, I maintain,
To grab it with their long and pointed beak.

Hamada Desert

In this part of the world the land is dry
The lack of rainfall makes you go insane,
The mountain tops rise high into the sky
And the gray clouds attack the ridge in vain.

An Ode To Woman

You were made from light, in glory,
Not from Adam's rib, my dear,
Like in that fantastic story
That in churches we do hear.

Leaving You

I shall leave, don't ask me why,
Even though my heart will break
I just want to say goodbye
And in peace my path to take.

Guiding Light

When it's dark, through the dense wood
The lost solitary tramp
Makes his way, covered by hood,
In his hand with a bright lamp.


What a joy, my heart now is beating loud
I can hear your footsteps out into the night,
But it's just the wind blowing from a cloud,
Which spreads all the leaves almost without fight.

Ephemeral Things

Youth is fleeting, man grows old
Like a flower in full bloom,
Which at nightfall, when it's cold
Withers quickly in the gloom.