Joseph Narusiewicz

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Soul Cleansing - Poem by Joseph Narusiewicz

Rescued in chains of solemn ice
Balance pivots on the fence
Walk where things do not exist
Universal mind coherent in blue
Solomon’s Porch resides in gold leaf
Peace and dharma exalts the weary
Everything is separate and out of tune
Caldrons of Asian finance
Platforms of forums, Philo writes
Placid monasteries with Gregorian eyes
Jackson Pollack is inebriated
Back to the broken base
Slaves build the union
He writes an ode to his pride
She garbles words of veneer
Walls higher than the tower of Babel
Everything bathed in pretense
Sophistry shines like a Greek oracle
Alliances between the mundane
Mars gleams with angry throats

Mobs quietly gather for the execution
Blood writhes with hot new voices
We embrace the rich as they oppress
Welcome the rich with their bloody boots
Bogotá’s robbed with fools gold
The drone of dead minarets
Nero kills Cicero everyday
Ancient theatre of the absurd cries
No base, no morals, no foundations
Exodus in the valley of dead bones
Stripped in the desert of German enlightenment
Self made worlds that crumble into dust
Rimbaud leaves his chaos
A sound revels like agile hummingbirds
The mind sees eternal colors
Leave these lost temples
Light reveals the coming kingdom
Ezra Pound is exiled like a fountain
All this red orange war
Mountains tear with crystal pain
Diamonds melt with fierce envy

Balzac rests with timeless flowers
Faustian summer ripe with asps
Steeples crumble with Nietzsche
Sirens of the new order
Cries of the oblique sphinx
Napoleon marooned by Hegel
Herds shall rule
Herds shall embrace chaos
Herds shall be made into docile graves
Apothecary eyes dream like steel
Lavender ropes lavish her prison
No windows to view the ruins
Angst angels with bright whips
Couched in crippled men of doubt
Torn asunder with self affirmation
Paradoxes of dusky incest
Belong to every crowd
Lyrics like swamps in the sycamores
Ghosts abound waiting for the lonely
Trampled on by all these shallow smiles
Illusions fill with special secrets

Cantatas rock the forbidden night
Fire latches your sons and daughters
Moon fire reaches with painted fingernails
Hedonism like a new blind river
Roses on fire with wet sheets
Flowers sing and dance
All this cold despair is buried
Hour of Venus comes with lightening
Hear the sweet wolves waiting
These wounds shall heal
Now the rain comes with endless pain
Thunder from all the nations
Run for meaning on childhood walls
Romance understands the dire night
Meet me at the train station
Heading east with temperance blown
Satyr of existentialism
Cleansed by iniquity
Broken vessels gather for the shoreline
Thy will be done shines like a mantra
Disappointment turns into streets of gold
The soul must be cleansed

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