Thoughts of a Single Man

Soul Groove - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I know she got that soul in her
passed down from the generations before her
as she hears the smooth jazz
that blows in the sweet winds of memory
when the faces filled the chill spot
in the smoke filled rooms
and the sultry songstress would croon the romantic tunes
full lips that pumped out the golden notes
that floated on the air
smooth as silk and fine as a cool cats hair
watches on chains
swinging in circles from the pockets of a zoot suit
hands and bodies tipped to the side
but they don't trip
oh yeah
she can dig it
and as she dances the buildings in the neighborhood
sway with the rhythm she produces
go ahead baby
and swing those wide warm hips
as her spirit it lifted by the church chords of the legends
who blow their horns daddy-o
gladly so
and made the crowd swarm to the trumpets blare
she can see it all when she closes her eyes
as if she was there
this is her great escape
from the drudgery of her daily toils
when her skin boils
from the work in the hot summer sun
and her spirit coils like a snake shedding its skin
she has to get it in
as those pretty toes
tap the concrete and keep the beat that moves her
as a thick chocolate leg is exposed
as her firm body squirms and turns
so very sweet beneath her clothes
the music in her mind is her drug of choice
for each hit of the note strikes her to her core
like the scat of a chatted voice
and her soul soars
come on baby dance a little more for me
and just like that she is gone
we are not alone anymore in our home
but in the club
as large brown hands tickle the ivories behind her
and it is in this dream land that I find her
for she taught me all about the sounds
before the handclasps
when applause were the quick clicks of finger snaps
and now I too know how to get down
Lawd the way that backside slides under that dress
so big delicious and round
see this is our foreplay at the end of the day
when the sun gets to setting
and our bodies get to wetting
when she calls me and I'm there in a flash like
'Whats' that Mami, what did you say? '
And she coos right back at me
'Come on Big Daddy it's time to play! '
Oh and don't get me wrong
I'm a sucker for the scent and intent of her kitty kat
and Pappa love the sound of that
and she is right there with me
as we move into that sensuous mood
making the music that only we can hear
so throw that big leg over me mamma
and come here girl because we got work to do
and I'm gonna make my lady sing the blues
until I make my boo lose control in the nude
as we grind so fine
as my wet fingers begin to strum her body like a fiddle
flipping her like hotcakes on the griddle
as we shimmy and shake
chest to lips hips to waist
in the middle of our soul groove

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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