Preston Mwiinga

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Speak Out O Woman - Poem by Preston Mwiinga

During the creation of the earth God made his creations using his voice commands. Just by his voice all things came into place, He went like, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. ‘Let there be living creatures and there were living creatures and they all glorified him by producing different sounds. But on the sixth day he bended down to create man out of the soil but from his own image. He created him because of his great love and wanted him to be in charge of everything.
After his creation, he realized that man was lonely in the Garden of Eden. Because of this he created a woman from one of man’s ribs. When Adam saw the new creation, he was so amazed and said, ‘wow. She is so beautiful and I am going to call her woman because she is bone of my bone and fresh of my fresh’. God created a woman to be his helper and not his slave. He created a woman to be by man’s side, to guide him, to talk to, to joke and laugh with him. And also to be his beloved wife.
Women were not created as cursed living beings. Women were created as helpers to men and this is why I always get injured whenever I see women in pain. It always hurts me seeing GBV taking place, it always brings me into tears when I see a woman brutally beaten looking as if she is fat on her face and yet she is swollen. It really pains me a lot when women walk as if they are modeling and yet their legs have been brutalized by these selfish men.
O my dear women, why should you allow torture? Why should you allow insults on you? Why should you allow scorn? Your place is high, you were never meant to be treated as slaves nor punching bags. You were not meant to be humiliated. Women like men are supposed to live as happy people, they are supposed to get equal opportunities as men, equal education because everyone deserves equal rights and this is why God did not segregate any person
We ought to be faithful like Ruth in the bible, they ought to be courageous like Mary the mother of Jesus, she gave birth to our savior Jesus Christ. When he looked at Mary, God said unto her child shall be born because he believed that a woman can carry greatness. Women ought to give solutions like Narman’s servant, it was because of her that Narman got saved. He didn’t know that he was ever going to get healed as we all know that leprosy was not curable. During time when one had leprosy, he or she was considered to be unclean. And they were told to shout, ‘unclean! Unclean! Unclean! ’ whenever someone was approaching them.
O my dearest women, you have heard, you place is high, speak out against torture, you should not allow scorn, you can be that great woman that that the world is looking out for. You do not have to be mute, speak out when they try to abuse you. Speak out allowed so that the world listen. Defend yourselves, don’t give them the chance to take advantage of you because your place is high
God uplifted you since inception, this is why he used all the great women in the bible to do wonders. Talk of Queen, it was because of her courage that Israel got saved at that time. Women can do great wonders, do not allow yourself to be dumped just like that. Do not allow yourself to be used just like that because your place is high. If a man thinks you are nothing, let him go! Let him go because your place is high, you can survive without him in your life, you can still be a model without him in your life, remember that, that man will come back crawling unto you but your dignity should be respected.
The cry of a woman is very strong, do not just make a woman just to cry anyhow unless if they are tears of joy because when she sorbs bitterly, her tears have an impact even God sees and listens to her tears so be careful before you break a woman’s heart. A woman deserves to be happy just like a man.

Topic(s) of this poem: courage

Form: Canzone

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