Speaking Out Poem by Cheryl Griffith

Speaking Out

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This poem?
This poem strives to bring meaning
Straining beyond the agony of words
Stretching beyond the deep, dark abyss of time
Where emptiness leeks
And sorrow sucks your spirit dry
Draining your blood like a leech
Struggling to face life's task
Force to wear a mask
Clear my throat and move on
Coughing up courage mixed with hope
To go where faith demands
And walk this road not made with human hands

This poem has turned frail, tired eyes
On years of sweat and tears and kept her peace
Forever bearing a smile, that hides the pain that lies behind
Silently sobbing out her sorrows
Like clothes beating against stone till white
This poem has taken much, and will not be hushed
This poem will speak!
But at the edge of the heart wisdom is weak, are words enough?

This poem is not about metaphors, similes and such
This poem too deep!
This poem has spent nights in hell
Bears the scars of scourging fire and live to tell
Where demons shadow swallow your peace
Devouring your flesh, your sleep
And fear pours thick and yellow
Like pus from a septic sore
Obscuring all beauty
Yet forced to hold my head up high
And walk with dignity
A dignity that did not come easy
But came through strain and age
Much poverty, rejection and lamentation
Too much to put upon this page

I this poem say
I've paid my bills of pain and sorrows
And cashed my share of tear-filled tomorrows
Forever gathering my life like scattered leaves
Yes! I took all that life spurned
And earned a peace that many yearn
Many are dead, their dreams silenced
At least I have a heart to grieve

And why is it that human tenderness is usually late
Like long, lost mails
And when it comes at time so frail
The fact is, Humans are as complicated as the truth
This whole world is a market of doom
And I have had too many gloom
Seen too many setting suns and dark rough seas
It's time, this time the sun will rise for me!
Me, God's blessed, Clad in regal dignity had fallen
Broken bodied, a somewhat paralyzing deformity
Joy it seems is fused in misery
A cruel irony, something evil is always aiming at your smile

But I will stand again
I will run again
Like a star that brightens dark skies
I will shine again
I like a broken bird will fly again
And dance upon the walls of this world that tried to imprison me
For I am free!

Sometimes you go through so much in life and you keep it all bottled up inside, I thought it was time to speak out and this poem will speak for me.
Roseann Shawiak 03 September 2014

This poem has a touch of Poe hidden within it's lines, a melancholy tone throughout. Again, the imagery is superb and rhythm is sublime! A gathering of wonder and questioning takes me with you on this solo journey. Fabulous poem, it leaves me with mixed feelings. Another 10. Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn

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C. P. Sharma 02 February 2010

This poem shines at many levels of consciousness that attains great poetic height in the last but one stanza and concludes beautiful in the last one. Only those who dive deep see through the blues. It speaks volumes about your poetic skill. CP

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Cheryl Griffith

Cheryl Griffith

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