Twilight Whispers

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Spice And Musk - Poem by Twilight Whispers

I wish that in the morning I'd awake to see the trees,

Blowing gently in the breeze, swaying to the soft music of the dawn.

I wish they would dance happily,

As my day is dreary when the trees mourn.

I wish that in the morning I'd awake to hear the birds

Singing in the swaying trees who are dancing in the wind.

I wish they would whistle sweet melodies of the ocean for us,

Every shade of glorious blue echoed in their chorus.

I wish that in the morning I'd awake to see the sunrise

Growing hastily upon the horizon, erasing the cold departure of the bitter night.

I wish that the sun stays smiling throughout the day,

And during our hours of darkness may it glow lovingly, comforting our anxious hearts.

I wish that in the morning all my worries could be gone,

And that I could become one with heaven and the earth and the sky.

And as I take you shaking hand and stand on the crowded railway platform,

Waiting, waiting in the deathly cold for the ominous sounds of the train,

You slowly turn your head away. But you are not hiding all you

Wish to conceal; as you turn I see a solitary tear trickle shyly from your brilliant eyes.

You don't intend me to see you crying but I see: I sigh, not quite satisfied.

I place an understanding hand on your shoulder and you are suddenly facing me again,

The tiniest, most beautiful smile that had ever dared appear on your face

Beaming bravely through your troubled tears.

I breath in deeply and thankfully let the spicy, musky scent of your perfume

Fill my lungs until it had created a permanent memory for me to remember.

You try to speak but are unable to find anything quite suitable to say,

Instead settling your nerves by rubbing your hands fiercely together in the autumn cold.

And then, as if you were breaking every unwritten rule that our friendship would ever create,

You softly kissed my cheek and wiped away the tears from your glistening eyes.

The train chuffs cheerily into the station and the whole nation, it seems

Is exchanging tear-filled goodbyes on our behalf.

I hold you tightly in my arms, momentarily aware that I may never be able to let you go.

'I'll see you, ' I croak painfully as I reluctantly let your arms back to your person,

Secretly yearning for your when you've not departed.

And when the morning finally dawned, the trees swayed blissfully in the breeze

And the reds and the browns of the fluttering leaves careered around the garden

Without a care in the world.
The birds sand peaceful melodious harmonies of the Wishing Sea and the

Sun rose joyfully above the clouds, warming our aching, anxious hearts.

And when the night arrives, threatening to throw my dreams away,
I will remember the scent of your spicy, musky perfume and recall the
Compassion and desperation of your embrace,

And you are forever with me.

You are forever with me.

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