Distance Poem by Twilight Whispers


Distance means so little when you love someone this much
When you're dreaming of their smiling and their silkly gentle touch
And the stars are shining in the sky and the moon is bright as such
That we're hoping that we'll find a way to suddenly keep in touch

Distance is across the sea and over woodland high
Mountains soaring high as birds who're flying in the sky,
The sky is part of all this world that makes myself and I,
And the I is part of you and we are learning how to fly.

And all these rhymes are meaningless if you are not with me,
If you can't find a plane who'll fly you across the sea,
But if you find a sailing ship that will set you free,
I'd love to see you here again, which would make I into we

Distance means so much now I realise that my dreams
Are only dreams that can't come true without breaking at the seams
But I know we'll still be friends because without you here with me,
I am nothing in this world because you're an essential part of me.

Original Unknown Girl 17 January 2008

Have to agree with Marci here, this poem is so very lovely. The emotions are very controlled for one so young but I guess that doesn't mean it's not so.. You convey your thoughts beautifully. Most eloquent penning. HG: -) xx

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x... x... 13 October 2007

I've got to tell you that I read this and then your bio and then the poem again. This is a beautiful and romantic piece full of longing, devotion and passion...It's difficult to fathom one only 15 writing so sincerely and sounding so experienced of how the heart yearns and needs to be 'one' with their one and only...I will be interested to see others comments for this write is light years ahead of the emotions of a 15 year old, if a girl and if a boy even further away....Emotions as mature as one whose been through love and it's longing and can put it in words so well...Bravo, a lovely poem.~~~~~~marci. :)

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