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Everybody dreams.
Children dream,
Adults dream,
Old people dream.

What was once a blossomed love,
Now seems old and tired.
You're not the person I used to know,
The one I once admired.

Up in the sky
I wonder why
The clouds are fluffy and white.

I am where the rainbows end
The place where all the fairies send
Their sugar and mending hearts.

Distance means so little when you love someone this much
When you're dreaming of their smiling and their silkly gentle touch
And the stars are shining in the sky and the moon is bright as such
That we're hoping that we'll find a way to suddenly keep in touch

The fire in the sky is burning
The child in my heart is yearning
As I learn the truth about you
The wind is blowing through my soul

It will not change now
After only a year
Time hasn't broken it
With parting or tears

You read my thoughts through misty eyes,

Like thunder threatens sunny skies,

There was once a girl, she was like me
She cried when she was sad
She smiled when she was happy
And shouted when she was mad.

“What do I write? ” said the girl in pink.
“My mind is tangled and I can’t seem to think! ”
She threw down her pen and stormed out the room,
Hoping she’d conjure up something soon.

We should be catching snowflakes on our faces,
Disappear into the North and feel our heart as it races,
Sail through the snow and sing in the wind,
Relishing the happiness this adventure would bring,

I'm doing all I can
to hold onto you,
take my hand in
yours and dance,

'If you love me let me go'
Do not tell me, I don't want to know
Whilst the swings in my mind sway too and fro
I am loving you dearly, but don't want to let go

Flamin' Henry!
What was that?
A flying penguin?
Or a dancing cat? !

I think it was the winter time
When I saw you last
Since then so much around me has changed
So much time has past.

I wish I was a bluebird
Flying through the sky
Souring over mountains
Listening to them sigh

I sit upon our peaceful shore,
Thinking of your smile.
Sadness slips away from me,
As I dream of you for a while.

Je suis pour toi, si tu es pour moi,
Nous étions ensemble autrefois.
Maintenant nous sommes séparés,
Loin l'un de l'autre

Dark and mysterious, tall but thin,
Hiding the secret identity within,
Avoiding your glance but staring with lust,
Kicking up leaves and twigs in the dust,

You were a fire
Caught in a storm
You’re face was determined
But your clothes were torn

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These are my poems from 2006-summer 2010. My poems since then can be found here: http: // Writing to me is like breathing. It's fundamental to life...and sometimes, like my breath, my poems are short and hurried - to the point. Other times they are long and calm and much more expressive. http: // Please listen to and support this AWESOME artist! It's not me, and you don't have to listen...but you'd really be a lovely person if you did! :) Thank you lots.)

The Best Poem Of Twilight Whispers

Everybody Dreams.

Everybody dreams.
Children dream,
Adults dream,
Old people dream.

I dream, too.

I dream about the friends with whom I'll grow old,
I dream about the person whose hands I'll hold,
I dream about being young and in love,
I dream about loved ones, looking down from above.

I dream of the places I'll one day see,
I dream of being wild and free,
I dream of my house, high on the rocks,
I dream of the sand underneath my socks.

I dream of the people I'd love to greet,
I dream of the things I'll say when we meet,
I dream of hearing their voices sing,
I dream of being happy with everything.

I dream of travelling with a map in my hand,
I dream of never coming back to this land,
I dream of finding myself - in sense
I dream of jumping far off this fence.

I dream of any things that one day I'll know,
I dream of the freedom: a dream I won't let go,
I dream of my future and marvel at my pride
As my heart is flying and singing inside.

Twilight Whispers Comments

Krystal Vincent 15 June 2009

I loved this poem, it gave me chills. it was so kind of reminds me of myself a little bit.I have problems of my own. I've felt like I couldn't be myself for a long time, but now I know that It doesn't matter what people think about me.It only matters what I think of myself.even if i feel hurt by what people think about me, but in a since if they don't like who I am they don't deserve to be my friend.

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