Twilight Whispers Poems

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Everybody Dreams.

Everybody dreams.
Children dream,
Adults dream,
Old people dream.

A Love Now Lost

What was once a blossomed love,
Now seems old and tired.
You're not the person I used to know,
The one I once admired.

Alone Together

Up in the sky
I wonder why
The clouds are fluffy and white.

I Am Where You Are

I am where the rainbows end
The place where all the fairies send
Their sugar and mending hearts.


Distance means so little when you love someone this much
When you're dreaming of their smiling and their silkly gentle touch
And the stars are shining in the sky and the moon is bright as such
That we're hoping that we'll find a way to suddenly keep in touch

A Better Day

The fire in the sky is burning
The child in my heart is yearning
As I learn the truth about you
The wind is blowing through my soul

Sarah Teasdale Variation

It will not change now
After only a year
Time hasn't broken it
With parting or tears

I Wish

You read my thoughts through misty eyes,

Like thunder threatens sunny skies,

And There Was You

There was once a girl, she was like me
She cried when she was sad
She smiled when she was happy
And shouted when she was mad.

Lost For Words

“What do I write? ” said the girl in pink.
“My mind is tangled and I can’t seem to think! ”
She threw down her pen and stormed out the room,
Hoping she’d conjure up something soon.

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