Spirit Poem by Angie M..


This morning I set out to look for you.
In prayer, I wondered if you were peeking at me out the red brick windows as I was passing
Then suddenly I was hopeful

I wondered if you were singing to me through the toddler giggling and picking up pebbles
Then I recalled, that is your song

It started that way this morning

I then passed by a lady who pointed out a group of bird-watchers
and two Herons in a tree
So I joined their elation from afar but,
(in forgetful packing this morning)
I decided it was best I didn't go that way

Instead I went on
and it was early enough to hear the grasshoppers in sync as I was passing
Late enough to be delighted by all the shade patterns along the path
and I enjoyed your humour in the wasps chasing my feet
I didn't wonder
then there was peace
all of us content together

Sometimes content in beauty
sometimes in grief as I stopped to read all the memorials of those who also joined you here,
their moments of hope of warm winds
and memories of their Joy In your adorning of the meadows
All of us together in that space

Beautifully broken...the stilled remnants of life glazed over by moss in muddy waters
but my mind was far from quiet

I enjoyed the Seagull that darted from the group just to spy me
and then em-pathetically joined to the woman rowing down the river
(caught her very quickly waving to the seagulls as she was passing)
We shared a chatty sky and spurts of silence as she pushed forth with the waters that past the rock dividing the river

But that wasn't all you gave today...

You connected me with the blue dragonfly
hovering over a calm pond
and your keeping of (for all of us in September)
the vibrant greens behind thousands of branches
beside the places where water looked thick like lava

and upon leaving, a crumpled old face in the bark of an old tree.

Saturday, September 5, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Draft on stimulus relationships
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