! Ssshhh...Keep This Quiet.Ish... Poem by Michael Shepherd

! Ssshhh...Keep This Quiet.Ish...

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I shouldn’t really be telling you this
since it was told me by a brother Freemason;
but hey! what’s the point of a secret
if you can’t tell it to anyone,
or write a best-seller about it? …

it seems, this guy says,
that the descendents of Jesus and Mary Mag
who are now spread over all the world
though no-one knows until we do their DNA
(maybe that tomb will yield it? we live
in exciting times) –

They converted to Muslims, since
that was the ultimate disguise;
and also they could move around more freely
in the Middle East, OK?

They were the founders of the Hashishim,
the secret society of assassins
(it’s in Wikipedia, so it must be true)
and that’s why (and this
has never been explained before now…)
they seldom murdered Christians (real Jesus Christians, that is) :

then when Christianity dominated Europe
they re-converted back to be the Templars
who as you know, are still going in Scotland
(where Zimmy recently moved, aha…)
and you’ll have to work out
the Jewish connection for yourself…

and through the centuries, it’s they
who’ve done all the unsolved murders.. you name them…
Lincoln, Kennedy –
the media didn’t report this,
but they leave false clues –
in that Book Repository, on the shelf but sticking out,
a copy of the Bible in Sicilian,
signed by Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe…

and yes, the Pope, but just to warn him…
and that guy in Holland;
and of course, Princess Diana –
well, it’s obvious, innit?

well that’s what this guy told me…
but you know I think –
I think there’s an even more secret secret society
(authors’ agents, spy novelists, wannabees,
that sort of person)
who every now and then, carefully timed,
launch a tasty, juicy new
conspiracy theory on the world
while they get up to something
even more occult
(they’re using robots now…
triggered by thought-patterns,
of course it's hush-hush..)

chizmite, niceta torkcha… seeya lya…

hurry up please it's time


Hurry up please it's time? M, stick to writing poetry, you're no good as a barmaid. But you are exceptional as a poet as this piece as ever demonstrates... made me laugh (and made me think) . t x

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kskdnj sajn 03 March 2007

Michael, thanks a lot. Ever since I read this, I have had the feeling that someone is behind me, following as I engage in my early spring cleaning. How could you be so cruel and let a secret of this importance out?

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

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