Start And Go Poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Start And Go

Start go, Start again
To understand the past is not natural historians of the time
writes about power and might, but little about the people.
Yet, within this confine art existed painting and poetry which
will be a good guide for those who want to know, alas, most
folks live in the now washing machines and freezers are more
interesting then computers.

The future is a clean slate we write on it to our peril, yet
we who have not been there - how could we- and since human
emotions do no change overnight that democracy are ideas of
the past we going backwards in ambition, and peace it is about
building a wall around you property.

Socialism is against human nature, experiment by philosophers
that failed in the net of human basic instinct, is about strength
and the sword, the cry of the battle will always ring in our ears.

Modern science is met with scepticism, there is no Darwin, we
are back to the Stone Age, and our collective consciousnesses,
which will be called religion and it will have many followers till
our self-importance rejects the idea of God and the whole gory
story of humanity starts again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
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