Ray Lucero

Stay The Course... - Poem by Ray Lucero

Letter to a friend...


You shared;

'The things that are going on in the world...mostly man made'

Yes...as a result of poor choices of greed, exploitation and power over one another.

I believe that Mother Earth/Gaia too is alive and conscious. When she has taken enough abuse, she shakes us fleas off her back or drowns us. Looks like she is about to do just that.

'The Great Spirit that moves in all things' Creates and Loves, letting us grow through our good or bad choices, as well as experiences. This may take half an eternity, as time has no meaning except to man. Our sojourn here on Gaia is but a blink in Creator's Eye.

Nancy as awakening beings we must do all we can to love, help one another and be better stewards wherever we may live. This in and of itself will transform this planet, as it was Created to be.

The few evil controllers are greatly outnumbered by those awakening. Their antics and mischief ALWAYS fail. You have but to look at recorded history to see that every great/corrupt civilization has eventually self-destructed. As the World bully USA is presently going through self destruction.

You and I are here to serve as witness and to help usher in peace and harmony...stay the course and don't give up!



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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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