Stolen Moments Poem by Corinne R

Stolen Moments

Precious is forbidden bounty
not ours to keep but briefly savored.
Moments stolen.

Only borrowed like the
dreams upon my sleep.
He disappeared like a mist
that never was.
But he was. He was.
He was not mine.

Vaulted deep within the mind
the memory
of a frigid heart entombed.

Then came dark eyes
seering, warming, thawing.

A velvet voice caressing.
An icy heart, beating faster, faster.
A red hot, magma river rising, surging.

Stolen moments
notes of rythmic ecstacy,
embers burning deep within.
Two hearts beating, throbbing,

Moments stolen.
Profound, mystic,
captured in the memory
not subdued by time, travail, or love anewed.

Loving briefly for a time.
From whence it smoldered
it was lost, was mourn.

He was loved. He disappeared
with not the will to linger
a day, a month or year.
Like a thief he stole away
Trapped in his mind, his fear.

Stolen moments never ours,
never ours to keep.
Memory lives forever, enduring,
vaulted deep within the mind.
Moments stolen long ago
within the space of time.
He was. He was loved.
He was not mine.

Francesca Johnson 28 November 2012

Oh yes, I know exactly how this feels. Been there. Lovely resurrecting of my own memories. Fran xx

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Corinne R 29 November 2015

Haven't been here in a while. I don't know that it is good for you to relate but thanks for reading.

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