Kinyua Karanja

Strike While The Iron Is Hot - Poem by Kinyua Karanja

It was on Saturday evening
One of these cool and calm days
A day meant not for my luck
Sun had sunk and so it's rays
A faint and dim moon light struck
And spelled my doom in reasoning.

I was out to lock a cowshed
When I heard soft girlish voice
It was near, just few yards ahead
I was sure, it was her at once
Hi, come and escort me please
The neighbor's little girl begged
She was at home for some business.

How are you doin' at your new school?
Great, I'm fine, I like the place,
I said, the life there is cool.
We exchanged words and slowed the pace
Half way we stopped and faced each other
She tried to shift discussion to love
She was cute, sexy and hot all together
She was so young and innocent like dove
I refrained to make any manly move
I believed she was a child, too young
That was a lifetime blunder I made
I tried to explain in thick tongue
And she thought I wasn't interested
She went away and later got married.

Sometimes I think of it and regrets
Failing to hit the iron when it was hot
And now how I miss such opportunities
But, it was a lesson, I learnt a lot
Not to just judge the book by cover
Or water pool by it's surface view
I will be careful and take step farther
And if it's right to make it a stew
Bird always fly with what it has eaten
And leaves everything else on the ground.

Topic(s) of this poem: life, love, love and friendship, marriage

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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