Strong Woman Poem by Dr Shamim Ali

Strong Woman

A strong woman, she knows her worth,
In touch with thoughts and values from birth.
Confident in her abilities, she'll try,
And never let setbacks make her cry.

Resilience is her middle name,
Through difficult times, she'll rise again.
Drawing strength from within and without,
She'll keep moving forward without a doubt.

Independent, she stands on her own,
Both financially and emotionally grown.
She takes care of herself, that's for sure,
Her strength and courage, an unbreakable allure.

Empathy is a quality she possesses,
A caring heart, a love that impresses.
She understands and relates to others' pain,
A friend, partner, or colleague, she'll always remain.

Integrity guides her actions and ways,
She's honest, trustworthy, in all her days.
A moral compass, that never wavers,
A strong sense of ethics, that always favors.

Adaptability is another strength she holds,
In changing circumstances, she never folds.
With grace and flexibility, she'll move on,
Stronger and wiser, with each dawn.

Assertive, she speaks up for what's right,
And advocates for her needs, with all her might.
Respecting others' needs and rights too,
That's the kind of strong woman she'll always pursue.

A vision for her life, she has in sight,
A purpose and direction, that's always bright.
With passion and determination, she'll pursue,
Her goals and dreams, with all that's true.

Leadership is her innate quality,
A role model, she'll always be.
Inspiring and guiding others to their full potential,
That's the kind of strong woman, that's truly exceptional

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