Surah Rehman Poem by Dr Shamim Ali

Surah Rehman

The Most Beneficent, Allah,
Has taught you, mankind, the Qur'an,
By His Mercy, He bestowed
The gift of eloquent speech, He sowed

He created man from clay,
And taught him to seek His way,
The sun and moon follow their course,
With measured out stages, a divine force

The herbs and trees prostrate,
And heaven He raised, to contemplate
The Balance, so we don't transgress,
And observe the weight with righteousness

The earth He put for all creatures,
With fruits and corn, abundant features,
And sweet-scented plants for all to see,
A bounty from Allah, so free

Which of the blessings of your Lord,
Will you deny, in thoughtless discord?
The jinns created from smokeless fire,
And man from clay, His divine desire

He's the Lord of easts and wests,
The two seas with a barrier that rests,
No one can transgress, they meet,
Pearls and corals, a treasure to greet

Ships in the sea, mountains high,
His blessings abound, none can deny,
Every day, He brings forth matters,
Honour or disgrace, life or death tatters

O assembly of jinns and men,
If you can pass beyond the heaven,
And the earth, except with His authority,
Then His blessings, you shall see

On the day when the heaven is rent,
Asunder, no sinners can repent,
Mujrimun with black faces, their fate,
Between Hell and boiling water, a cruel weight

But the true believer, who fears the Lord,
Will find two Gardens, a beautiful reward,
With spreading branches and flowing springs,
Every kind of fruit, and joyous things

Reclining upon couches of silk,
And fruits nearby, as white as milk,
And those maidens, chaste and pure,
Whom no man or jinn has touched before

Then which of the blessings of your Lord,
Will you deny, in thoughtless discord?

This poem is on Surah Ar-Rahman from the Quran, . The poem talks about the blessings of God,
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