My Heart Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

My Heart

i met him a 3 years ago,
now we are friends,
he held me close once, for a little too long,
i thought we had something,
but i think i was wrong,
he is older much older,
but i am comfortable with him,
how would i know if he feels anything for me? ?
he only held me, once we had a cheek kiss
but that doesnt count,
he hurt me, he took long,
he just supported my decision to leave,
i wanted him to say STOP, wait
but No he didnt he just said 'this is it'
no more but i still think i fell in LOVE,
the dreaded words,
i hate it i never want to be in it again
take me out of this spiral
let me be me! !
let me forget him
why so long! ! ! J make the move! ! ! i just need one sign! ! !
be brave take the plunge.....
i say i dont want him but if he called now he would brighten my day...
i love him...

Rachel Butler 21 September 2009

take me out of this spiral let me be me! ! let me forget him Rachel Ann Butler

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Keith Hendrickson 04 January 2009

great piece i loved it

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Nkululeko Mdudu 27 October 2008

love unfound, love left behind, a classic yet never so true...I think

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