Submonition Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.


With steadfast fire
to follow Thee
put an end to full of faults,
mangled, twisted me

Asthenic, measly,
afflicting human knee
plead for life, cry mercy,
go down, ever so stooping be

False and new waging war
can't fully comfort omniscient Eyes
til all creatural found inside
by forcible touch of torch dies

Unable to look at most radiant Light
with full measure tender all-holy Might
lift a head, expand in worth, raise a cry
gladden all-knowing Eyes, til all mortal dies

Bowing down, breathing in subministration
keeping soil rich, supernatural fructification
for joining of truth and love cohere faster
by uniting with sole trustworthy Master

Dismally broken til sharing a Cup with Thee
Bread of Life calls forth interminable glee
always invigorated by celestial splendor to see
pleading for life, forever falling down on bended knee

Not meeting with evergreen triumph and rest
til tested and found at His arm true-blue guest

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: christian
Jenifer Loring 12 March 2015

Dr. Kardas, we always enjoy reading your poems that are filled with helpful & important spiritual truths, what we referred to as breathless insights in fast paced tempo! So original & most powerful. Message in this poem is of crucial importance since it stresses the need for humility without which none of us can make any steps closer to divinity! The tragic rejection of God's Light which frees, heals, saves & consoles is the only real catastrophe & the final curtain. God help us all!

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