Substance In Life Poem by Michael Knight

Substance In Life

Another day another dollar
We go to work every day
Not in this do we have a say
I say – why bother?

One day soon we’ll all die in vein
After suffering this pain and worries
What’s the reason what’s the purpose
To me it all feels pointless

Why can I not also as the presenter on TV
Just take my rods and go fishing for a life
One can see the enjoyment and jubilation in what he’s doing
Should we not all have such enjoyments from life?

My question is what am I doing wrong and what should I do to correct this internal imbalance I feel
I take on new challenges just to not feel challenged
When I get challenged I get fearful
Although I usually pass these tests also

This is when I ask the question
What is it all about? This repetition
How do I motivate myself to carry on to look ahead and face a “new” challenge that would not fill this unfulfilled feeling….

How long will this carry on?
What is my life expectancy?
Will I have offspring?

Should I really be concerned if the end is close?
I am not concerned with dying and death – I look forward to these
My concern is how long will I have to continue to bare the strain of a meager boring existence that has no substance for me

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