Sudan Has Torn Down Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker

Sudan Has Torn Down

Whatever you chronicle the event, you won't believe a great deal of elimination of Sudan; there wasn't any movement of people alive.

The whole Khartoum buildings are deserted, there were a lot of houses and buildings burnt and devastated.

Hollow lanes were disseminated everywhere you were driven. There were a lot of killings and sacking and smashing and mugging of some wagons, shops, markets and banks; strange phenomena waves of force had done.

You've already crossed into forbidden lands; does it matter now that you've stolen others?

Malfeasance with delinquency, you've blessed our mindset, you've been fraudulent mortality and left cast aside in the infraction.

An espied day has awoken, your clout has been busted, as you stroll into others' universes crooked with faults, you left a misguided reaction.

You should have groomed all prospects, you should have discarded all of your egotistic, deceitful aptitudes; to conserve the lives and prosperity of others and property.

Cold-blooded lions don't divulge us that you weren't fronting when cruel soldiers dispirited.

And you identified your heaviness of hearts roof so groggy that you wouldn't measure the bare dread echoed in our low spirits.

Dastardly lions, we absolve you even after you turned your rearward on us, stuffing your days only with our grief to dip higher into a supernova with no aspirations to model us guardedly household.

But impotent lions, how can criticize you? You're only a mere bystander, incapable of hold us feeling remorseful for abolishing your uninvolved brood.

You've beheld it all behind the torn and blood stained, the distorted tingling of blight and suffering.

Sudan Has Torn Down
A written poem on Friday 26, May 2023. This poem is only a reflection on Sudan's history of coups, wars, and instability but also acknowledges the complicated past experiences. Sudan, which has been in the grip of a bloody power struggle between the commanders of the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, who shared power as part of an internationally backed transition to democratic rule, have shown no sign of compromise. 2019. Bashir is toppled after a popular uprising. This is followed by a period of rising tension between the army and civilian politicians over the transition to democratic rule. * 2023. After protests against the military, fighting erupts on April 15 between the army led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of Sudan's ruling council, and the RSF paramilitary, led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as Hemedti, who was Burhan's deputy in the council. But we maintain hope for the future hopefully.
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