Suicide Poem by Thabani Khumalo


I looked underneath the colorful fabric of the elite world
And i saw by my spiritually alchemist sight
And i saw that mankind won't make it without spiritual acumen,
Thus i traveled far to see off the grasp of the evil man.

I saw a tree that was divine in absolution
And i set upon its protruding branch
And for a time i set and i contemplated the end times and the future
And then i let go with a rope around my neck.

What a beautiful day in which i was eager to die -
On the tenth hour of the tenth day of the fourth month.
In a minute, i thought i would have seen the other side
Than carry the burden of this world in which god is but an evil being.

So on i hung until the time of demise was way past
And then i felt my feet standing upon the mountain's ground
And i knew for sure the hour had gone way past and there i stood like a stock among the grass.
I am still alive - it's like a miracle, but they continue in the hands of god - the days.

Monday, March 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: suicide
Edward Kofi Louis 21 March 2016

Suicide doesn't end a problem! Rather, live with your life with the hope ahead. Thanks for sharing.

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Thabani Khumalo 23 March 2016

there is no such thing as hope. there only is guarantee of the future or the illusion of an ameliorated magical future. as such, depriving the system of our presence resolves the issue of our antagonizing slavery. now, that, can only be grasped by another wise spirit. open your eyes and you shall see.

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