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Suicide Sad But True

Rating: 4.0

The voices make you blue
This is sad but true
Now suicide is waiting for you
This is sad but true
Pills seem to be the way now
This sad but true
The bottle is waiting
This is sad but true
What are you to do
This sad but true

Now you swallow all but two
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Sherri Sns 17 January 2012

Some poets reach into people. But this one reaches deeper. I really like this poem.

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Matthew Adonis 16 September 2011

Lonely i stay, this is sad but true

17 19 Reply
Jasmine Ramos 09 January 2012

I really like this poem. Makes me think of Sad But True by Metallica.

18 17 Reply
Nicole Donoghue 15 February 2012

very good poem i agree to this so much! ! !

19 16 Reply
Jasmine Kayleen 01 February 2012

This a very good poem it is very deep...

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lisa ritchie 29 December 2014

Sad but beautiful, I love this poem

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lisa ritchie 29 December 2014

Sad but beautiful

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Zac Waugh 16 December 2013

This is a really amazing poem.

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Alice Spakrs 28 November 2012

This is an amazing poem. I love it so much. I love poems like this and I'm very happy I found this one.

3 8 Reply
Tessa Montross 22 September 2012

i love that poem it is good i have done all this and wish that it will someday come true that is sad but true.

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